Pearce church

Youth Ministry Director

part-time | 20 hrs/week

The purpose of this position is to oversee youth ministries of Pearce Church with the goals to lead youth to know and follow Jesus Christ, mature in Christian discipleship, and serve in ministry.

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

• Plan, implement, evaluate, and improve youth ministry programs in ways that further the goals in the purpose statement for the position of Youth Ministry Director
• Direct and involve the Youth Team to fulfill the mission and vision of Pearce Church for youth ministry from sixth through twelfth grade
• Recruit and equip volunteers for the Youth Team
• Oversee and coordinate all aspects of the youth ministry
• Ensure that policies set forth by the Church Board pertaining to youth ministry are being followed; especially, the policy on the protection of youth in our care (two adult rule, screening volunteers, etc.)
• Oversee budget and expenditures in the youth ministry lines of the church budget
• Focus on rebuilding youth ministry from the ground up beginning with junior high/ middle school, while remaining invested in our current senior high youth
• Create a unique focus and approach for the differing ages of youth based on the developmental differences between junior high/middle school and senior high youth
• Coordinate with Children’s Ministry to ensure a smooth transition for kids from Pearce’s children’s program to our youth program
• Prepare juniors and seniors for transition out of high school to strengthen their long-term faith development and emphasize connections with the local church
• Provide connections between volunteers and youth and their parents to offer pastoral care
• Oversee administrative elements of the youth ministry such as calendar planning, curriculum selection, communication with youth, parents, and volunteers, maintaining supplies, providing social media presence, and event registration and paperwork.
• Ensure that the Youth Ministry environment is welcoming and safe, by creating physical and social spaces that contribute to learning, growth, and healthy relationships.

Job Skills and Requirements:

• A committed Christian who assumes responsibility for a healthy and godly personal and family lifestyle
• Has a heart to serve and a desire to further the mission and vision of Pearce Church
• Willingness to commit to membership in Pearce Church or Genesis Conference, if ordained
• Experience working with youth and passionate about the development and growth of youth ministries
• Good organizational and communication skills
• Leadership ability and management skills in regard to volunteer teams
• Prefer a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Childhood Development, or Ministry field